Yeah I'm a filthy bronie lol. I've always liked the show and I still do, kinda for nostalgic kinda just because it's a good show. I don't know its just really comforting to me. It's cute and nice and the world sucks so if sometimes I just need to watch some cute horses for 20 minutes shoud anyone realy care. Growing up I had a gen 3 dvd and some toys but mostly only ever cared for gen 4 but in recent years I've been going back watching the older gens and I'm a decent fan of the new show too. My goal is to some day watch/read all mlp related stuff, at least the stuff on mlp-france.com aka my pony plug.

Moves shows and shorts :

My little pony the movie (gen1) - finished
My little pony (gen1) - watched 48/65
My little pony tails(gen1) - watched 12/26
My little pony (gen3) - watched 5/12
The world's biggest tea party live (gen3) - finished
Meet the ponies (gen3) - watched - finished
Pinkie Pie's Ferris Wheel Adventure short (gen3) - finished
Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise short (gen3.5) - unwatched
Newborn cuties (gen3.5) - finished
My little pony friendship is magic (gen4) - watched seasons 7/9
My little pony friendship is magic shorts (gen4) - finished
Best gift ever special (gen4) - unwatched
Rainbow road trip special (gen4) - unwatched
Friendship is Forever (gen4) - unwatched
My little pony the movie (gen4) - finished
Equestria girls (gen4) - finished
Rainbow rocks (gen4) - finished
Legend of everfree (gen4) - finished
Equestria girls specials (gen4) - 2/5
Equestria girls show (gen4) - 35/80
Baby flurry heart's heartfelt scrapbook (gen4) - unwatched
Rarities peek behind the boutique (gen 4) - finished
Fundamentals of magic (gen 4) - finished
Equestria girls minis (gen4) - finished
Pony life (gen4.5) - watched 4/80
My little pony a new generation (gen5) - finished
Make your mark (gen5) - unwatched
Tell your tail season 1 (gen5) watched 24/43
Tell your tail season 2 (gen5) unwatched

Comics and books:

The journal of two sisters (gen4) - finished
Daring doo novels (gen4) - unread
Friendship is magic IDW (gen4) - read 21/102
Friendship is magic IDW specials (gen4) - unread
Friendship is magic IDW annuals (gen4) - read 1/?
IDW micro-series (gen4) - finished
Friends forever IDW (gen4) - read 10/38
Legend of magic IDW (gen4) - unread
Fiendship is magic IDW (gen4) - unread
My little pony movie prequel (gen4) - unread
Ponyville mysteries (gen4) - unread
Nitemare nites (gen4) - unread
spirit of the forest (gen4) - unread
Feats of friendship (gen4) - unread
Transformers crossover (gen4) - unread
Generations (gen4) - unread
Deviations (gen4) - unread
Synergy (gen4) - unread
Manga (gen4) - read 3/3
The other manga (gen4) - unread
Free comic book day 2020 IDW (gen4) - unread
Cover collection 1 (gen4) - finished
Art gallery 1 (gen4) - finished
The Magic Begins (gen4) - unread
When Cutie Calls (gen4) - unread
The Return of Harmony (gen4) - unread
The movie adaptation (gen4) - finished
G. m. Berrow novels (gen4) - read 5/7
Welcome to Equestria (gen4) - finished
Meet the Ponies of Ponyville (gen4) - unread
Under the Sparkling Sea (gen4) - unread
Welcome to the Crystal Empire (gen4) - unread
Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks (gen4) - unread
New generation comics (gen5) - unread

games: (I'm not really aiming to complete all of these cuz a lot of them can't be played anymore or cost money and a lot of um suck anyway so I'm just gonna try out the ones I can)

Ruckus Media interactive storybooks and comics (gen4) - cant play (removed from app store)
My Little Pony mobile game (gen4) - played and loved it :3
Mane Merge (gen4) - cant play (apple arcade exclusive) - cant play (removed from app store)
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game (gen4) - cant play (I dont have my leepfrog anymore but I remember liking this game as a kid)
Snap 'n Share (gen4?) - cant play (only available in a Digital Camera Kit)
PlayDate interactive storybooks (gen 4) - cant play (removed from app store)
Story Creator (gen 4) - played
Big Balloon app (gen 4) - cant play (removed from app store)
Trefl E-puzzle (gen 4) - cant play (removed from app store)
e-Dant├Ęs (gen 4) - cant play (removed from app store)
My Little Pony Diary (gen 4) - cant play (ipad exsclusive)
Eaglemoss games (gen 4) - cant play (removed from app store)
My Little Pony Harmony Quest (gen4) - played
Rainbow Runners (gen4) - played
Pocket Ponies (gen4) - played
Color By Magic (gen4) - played
My Little Pony World (gen5) - not played


mlp Christmas album (gen4) -
My Little Pony iOS Stickers (gen4) - cant use (removed from app store)