Sonic adventure 2 one of the best sonic games of all time (and the only one worth playing to some fun sponges) one of my all time favorites, mainly due to the awesome level design and the chao garden! Despite how much I love this game I am pretty bad at it, so trying to get all of the emblems has been a real pain!! This blog is to vent my frustrations and show off my progress. I'm sure that eventually i'll make a separate page dedicated to sa2 but this page is for my more in depth thoughts.



I finished city escape long before I made this page so I dont realy remeber much about any of the missions specifically :P but city escape is obviously one of the most iconic stages and yada yada you get the point...


Metal Harbor took me FOREVER to get all As on its insane!! all of the missions were pretty hard for me especially the timed one >:( and Ive never been able to get to the secend handle on the rocket so I missed out on a LOT of points that way and half the time I couldn't even get on the bottom handle it was jest the worst!!! evenchely I got it by hiting the planes on the part before the ring trail but it was still such a pain!


I don't have much to say about Green forest, it's one of my favorite sonic levels but i didn't really have that hard of a time getting all As. The hard mode took a few tries and so did the lost chao but I like this level so much it never was really frustrating :D


Pyramid cave was one of the last ones I finished, I just couldn't find the lost chao on my own and I was far too lazy to look up a guide. After I found the chao it only took three for four tries to get through the last two but I don't really like pyramid cave that much so it felt like it took forever. Nothing wrong with pyramid cave jest not my favorite :P



Omg this level sucked so hard! I want to like this level so bad the gravity gimmick was fun and had a lot of cool secrets and a lot of detail really went into this level but a bunch of small stuff just ruins it for me. The hit box is to small for the gravity switches is too small and half the time I try and flip it I end up doing a somersault and I there's a few times where you need to go from a homing attack chine into a lite speed dash and over assed and that is jest the worst! The lite speed dash and the bounce are mapped to the same button so you can end up bouncing down into the assed and needing to restart the hole level. And the final puzzle jest stresses me out I've done it sooo many times that I could probably due it with my eyes closed but every now and then the gravity jest doesn't work the way I think it should I or the camra miss behaves so I feel like its just up to chance if I make it to the gole ring or go flying off into space. I had a hard time on all of the misons but the hard mode was the worst, but I manged to jest barly do it with no time bones to!


This level had my hands sweating so bad I needed one of these ugly things I actually really like final rush when playing it normally (still not as good as final case but whatever) but trying to get an A on this stage sucks :P the starting bit is the worst for me. I have such trouble switching between rails, so I almost never get the ring or life boxes. But this level wasn't that hard after I figured out you could trick off more rails than just the beginning one. After that it was easy peasy!


Prison Lane was also one of the ones I finished first so I can't say much specifically, but prison lane is my go to stage for grinding chaos steroids and extra lives.