Metal Sonic untitled document


The wii came out before I was even born so I obviously don't remember how or when we got it, but playing the wii with my family are some of my favorite childhood memories. The wii is the consoles I have the most games for, altho most all the games are shovelware there are some bangers in there such as: guitar hero, legends of rock, guitar hero aerosmith, guitar hero warriors of rock, u draw studio instant artist, wii party, carnival games, sonic and the secret rings, mario and sonic at the olympic games, boom boxes, and boating bash. Whether or not those are really bangers or jest nostalgia is up for debate.

This page is just dedicated to all the game consoles I currently have. Most of these Consoles are not really mine but my whole families but whenever I get my license and get a job this page is going to be flooded with consoles! My favorite thrift shop has a really nice selection of new and old consoles. It's going to be sweet, and I want a new 3ds to mod or get pre modded cuz I'm scared I'll mess up and break it lol.

I won't be covering any consoles I dont have anymore, Rip PS 1 and DS lol. Cuz I cant get pictures of them and like what would be the point I cant play them why would I write about um.